“Cross Border Art of Gardening by the Black Sea” MIS ETC Code 697, the financing contract. 50762/25.06.2013/12.07.2013, funded by the European Union through the Cross Border Cooperation Programme – Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013, priority axis 3 social and economic development, the area of intervention 1-support for cross-border business cooperation and promoting regional image and identity

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of the area between Constanta and Dobrich and the seasonal tourism and strengthen Bulgarian by extending seasonal tourism activities based on the diversification of natural and cultural attractions.  Considering this and the specific objectives of the project (to create a Botanical Garden Techirghiol, to modernize the gardens of the Palace of Balchik, to stimulate common trans-border initiatives and strategies in the field of tourism, between institutions, and academia). Communication in the project will be planned by taking into account all possible target groups involved in the project activities, as well as raising the infrastructure created around, the authorities and institutions involved and, last but not least, financial assistance from the European Commission. The project “Cross Border Art of Gardening by the Black Sea” shall be led by the following partnership:

1. Project leader-Administrative Territorial Unit of Techirghiol, Romania
2. Partner 2 – Palace of Balchik, Bulgaria
3. Partner 3 – Ovidius University Constanta, Romania
4.  Partner 4 – City of Balchik
5. Partner 5 – Sofia University, Bulgaria.
For the contracting authority – the town of Techirghiol taking leadership of this project has the main purpose in using the funding of grants in creating a Botanical Garden in the town of Techirghiol. The investment is part of the program of development of tourism activities in the town of Techirghiol, and will be built on land that is owned by the town of Techirghiol.  Part of the same program are also the projects of the “Therapeutic Park” and “Integrated Project of  touristic  development of the Techirghiol Lake’s shore” and these public investments provide a unified and organized image  for the lakeside Techirghiol.

The Botanical Garden of Techirghiol will be built on a surface of  55636 square meters. The Botanical Garden of Techirghiol will also include a greenhouse for exotic plants, which must be equipped with research facilities (laboratories), and for the necessary work in botanical garden (space for staff, tools, machinery and various substances) as well as spaces for visitors (bathrooms, room for audio-video presentations, ticketing and information point). For this investment it is also proposed a pedestrian alley adjacent to a cyclist one along the entire length of the area, parallel to the Lake at a distance of 10-20 m from the Lake. The roads proposed through urban planning, the lands from Nenciu Stoian and from Sanatorium surroundings will be executed for this project. Those are defining the edges of the projected area.

The parking area will be arranged in the vicinity of the area to the Botanical Garden  of Techirghiol and will have a capacity of 67 parking spaces. The Botanical Garden  of Techirghiol will also have properly equipped paths: pergolas, benches, lighting, so as to create the advantage of viewing the outer garden, vegetation areas inside the Park, artificial lake with aquatic plants (water lilies). For the aquatic area of Lake Techirghiol there are is nothing included in this poject.

In terms of function, the Botanical Garden  of Techirghiol has the following components:
1. Sera and Platform for events;
2. The Green Space of the garden;
3. Pedestrian Alleys and paths for bikers;
4. Urban furniture, pergolas, benches, gazebos, cabanas (observation towers);
5. A small artificial lake;
6. Watering Facilities, including a pool for collecting water from rainfall-River;
7. Lighting with lamps on the decorative pillars of average height;
8. Lighting with projectors;
9. Artificial Relief for small altitude-maximum 4 m.

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